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Vuemix has developed a cloud based video platform that represents a new primary technology that will forever change the way people search, view and consume video content. The highly scalable, cloud based Vuemix platform lets consumers not only search for videos but also view multiple videos of the search results simultaneously without having to click video after video. By combining multiple video clips into a single video stream of active video tiles, the Vuemix platform is able to deliver a custom interactive experience that is not possible using today's conventional video platforms.

The Vuemix platform also gives content owners unprecedented flexibility to deliver a unique, interactive and customizable multi-tile video experience to each consumer. The platform is fully compatible with existing web and http standards and generates video formats dynamically depending on the receiving device of the consumer, be it an iPad, iMac, Android device or a Windows laptop. Another major feature of the platform is the ability to dynamically adjust the bit rate of video being delivered, to overcome the erratic bandwidth fluctuations in the internet.

To highlight the platform's capabilities, Vuemix has created an iPad/iPhone app, which is available in the iTunes App Store. With the high resolution display of 10", the iPad allows a video wall of nine simultaneously active video tiles. Similarly the iPhone allows a video wall of four simultaneously active video tiles. The iOS app allows you to discover content via search terms, navigating through different sub categories of content or through 'social' connectors. When logged in via Facebook, the Vuemix iOS app allows the most recent videos posted by your friends to be aggregated into a single wall display. You can preview the full audio for video by highlighting the tile as well as optionally expanding to full screen and navigate back to the web video source page. The user is also able to generate their own Favorites of tiled videos and share either individual videos or the full video collage directly to their Facebook wall.