iPad User Guide


Creating an account and signing into VUEMIX

If you are using the app for the first time, the sign in screen will let you create a VUEMIX account. You can also use your Facebook user id and password to sign into the app.

Home Screen

Tapping will always take you to the home screen which shows the tiles for different categories. Tapping will show a drop down menu to sign out.

Setting your preferences with “+ Add Channel” from your Home Screen

Categories and key word based channels based on one’s preferences can be added or removed at any time by first tapping to go to the home screen. From the home screen, tap the “+ Add Channel” tile. This brings up a screen to pick your preferences. This screen also lets you add up to 10 key words to get related videos by typing the keywords and tapping ”ADD” . Tapping “DONE” at the top left of the screen once you are done selecting the categories and the 10 key words will close the preference screen. Home screen will show tiles corresponding to the categories and key words selected as your preferences.

Video Preview Screen

Preview screen consists of 9 active videos arranged as a 3x3 mosaic. The 9 active videos play for a short duration for the user to get a preview of the videos before making a selection to watch the video in full screen or perform some other action.

Audio and Video playback control

Tapping any active video tile will switch the audio to play back corresponding to that video tile. Red border around a tile highlights the video whose audio is being played back. Tapping will restart the video preview from the beginning. Tapping will show a summary at the bottom of each active video.

Callout Window

Tapping any active video tile will pop a “callout window” in addition to switching the audio. This window gives the description of the video. The callout window also has icons to share a video, add video to a mix, create a mix of videos, show liking for a video and to expand a video to full screen.

Expanding an active video tile to Full Screen

Twice tapping a video tile or pinching a video tile or tapping in the callout window will expand a video tile to full screen. Once in the full screen mode, tapping “Return” will take you back to the video preview screen.

Creating a MIX and adding video to a MIX

The app lets a user create a collection of videos called a “MIX” of videos. Tapping in the callout window will let you create a new MIX or add video to an existing MIX. “MIXES”created appear as a tile and is visible from the home screen.

Broadcasting a MIX

A “MIX” after creation is visible only to the user. However a “MIX” could be broadcast so that the videos in that “MIX” is visible to everyone. From the home screen when the tile labeled “MIXES” is tapped to view the videos, will appear on the top right of your screen. Tapping will pop a call out window. Tapping “Start Broadcast” will start broadcasting the mix and the icon at the top right of the screen will become blue and appear as


If you have logged in with the Facebook user id and password, sharing features will be enabled. Tapping in the callout window will facilitate sharing the video to your Facebook wall. You could also share an entire mix of videos to the wall through the callout window. While previewing a “MIX” of videos, tapping will pop a call out window. Tapping in the callout window will facilitate sharing the “MIX” to your Facebook wall.


Tapping at the upper right corner will pop out the search window where keywords can be entered to search for videos. User has the option to search for videos or video “MIXES”. Searches can be refined by tapping the “Filter” button at the bottom left. Only “MIXES” that are broadcast are searchable.

Following a MIX

After searching for a MIX as explained above (11) and deciding to follow that MIX, tapping on the top right of the screen will pop a callout window. The callout window will prompt the user to follow the MIX. After tapping the “Follow Broadcast” button in the callout window the color of the broadcast icon will change to red from blue.